They come without warning, a smile and a glance
A warm quiet wish for the bounty of chance
It's there and it lingers, but for only so long
A silent enticement, a wordless love song

A gladdening ripple from stem to stern
Do I keep walking or do I turn?
The moment expands to both here and then
My now and forever. Our remember when

A dizzy vibration from head to toe
Where was I going? I no longer know
My errand is lost in the shine of your eyes
and a future full of long loving sighs

Words come as they always will
Your voice a sunbeam on my windowsill
Touch and smell and taste come too
A rapture of senses for the new me and you

Passion and wonder will ebb and flow
Trials of the heart will come and go
Our time together still hinges on chance
But I'll always remember that first wanting glance